Sheet Metal Cutting Techniques for Granny Flat Conversions

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Most families who need to consider granny flats as an option tend to use a garage as the conversion room. This helps to save money as opposed to having an entirely new building placed on the property. During the upgrades and conversion contracting, you will need to have some sheet metal cutting done for different aspects of the flat. Here are a few of the techniques you will need to use -- or have a contractor use -- and how they work in the granny flat construction:
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Need a Generator? Why You Should Always Rent Instead of Buy

Posted on: 24 September 2018

Do you have a garage full of tools that you simply don't use? You may have purchased a variety of different gadgets to help you work on your car or to complete a chore in your garden but have not used them ever since. They may be taking pride of place along the wall, neatly stacked out of the way, or they may be getting under your feet when you're trying to clean your car.
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Comparing CNC Machining to Conventional Methods

Posted on: 26 March 2018

In the past, manufacturing processes such as milling, grinding, cutting and polishing relied on skilled workers who would manually control high-tech machines to achieve the desired results in end products. However, due to the increasing demand for speed, accuracy and efficiency in manufacturing processes, CNC machining was developed to automate these critical functions and to reduce costs while boosting accuracy. CNC machining involves the use of computers with programmable software to replicate and automate the functions that were previously carried out manually.
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How to Play With Sand When It's Too Cold to Go to the Beach

Posted on: 22 January 2018

When it's too cold to enjoy the beach, you don't necessarily have to avoid the sand. Instead, there are all kinds of fun sand projects you can do inside with your kids. Take a look at these ideas. Beach Globe Similar to a snow globe, a sand globe is a sandy scene behind glass. However, you don't shake this creation. You just admire it. Find an old fish bowl or a similar type of glass container, and fill the base with sand.
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